Hello World

About me

My name is Marcelo. I’m currently working as a Back-End developer, working with AWS Cloud services to create confident, secure, and reliable systems.


Besides that, I like to play games, watch anime, read mangás, and of course, cats :)

If you want someone to talk about the stuff above, get some advice, please text me, I’m an open-minded, happy person who wants to help everyone and like to meet new people.

This blog

I wanted to start this blog to spread knowledge overall. I know the content already exists vastly by internet, but I believe that something could be helpful, even a little, to someone, which could be my future self. I have developed this website using [Hugo] (https://gohugo.io/), a straightforward Golang site generator. It has support to use open-source templates to generate your site, so this was the case: I’m utilizing one called [Toha] (https://github.com/hugo-toha/toha).


The following posts will be about AWS Cloud Content, to acquire the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate https://aws.amazon.com/pt/certification/certified-solutions-architect-associate/.